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Belk agrees to sell the company for billion to Sycamore Partners
“We have great respect for Belk's management team and associates, its deeply rooted brand, its footprint of stores and its growing online presence,” said Stefan Kaluzny, Sycamore Partners managing director. “Belk is exactly the kind of investment we …
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Brand management can make companies stand out online: Experts
Brand management will be one of the keys to promote Chinese companies' growth, as the country heads toward an era of online economy, experts said on Saturday. "Traditionally, a company's brand is just a symbol because it has brick-and-mortar stores to …
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Social Networking Platforms For Social Communications

Today the majority of us are connected by means of many social networking websites and this is one of the most convenient ways to stay in contact with your friends. Facebook is one of such social networking websites, at you can utilize unified messaging portal where you can now talk to your friends via all real time communicating means from email and up to SMS, chat or Messages through a single access point at Facebook.

A single social integrated Inbox for all social communication is really an excellent offer. It is a structured social communications with your preferred group of friends; easy, spontaneous, smooth. It is simple to avoid spam and noise out and may have a white list of selected friends circle in.

All of this is provided to you by Facebook.

No doubt a unified messaging system with your friends is the future. User side harmonization is good and is particularly useful, comprehensive, friendly, streaming. It can help to simplify your interactions and will allow you to see a thorough picture of your communications with a specified friend via all instant means.

What does it need of you to get the advantages of these services?

When you register to this new system, you will need to provide Facebook your cellular number, and permission to access your IM and external e-mail systems. Facebook already lists all your friends and will rate their value to you based on your communications.

It is easy to afford it as these services are completely free of cost.
There is just one puzzling question; is it actually a truthful service with regard to users? This question is always there on a user’s mind that is a part of any social networking website. There are few awkward things which you will notice on social networking sites and this raises concern about your data privacy on these sites. You can find contextual text advertising campaigns on the side panels of your IM and chats based mostly on exactly what and with whom you communicated.

Can we innocently trust Facebooks personal privacy maintaining? And the main question of all is what about our privacy, ownership of our data, and visibility to what we talk about and with whom?

If we feared Googles search monitoring, that is nothing compared to the exposure level of Facebooks aggregated messaging platform. Will advertisers lurk around our walls on Facebook, hunting for indicative communications from this single inbox?

Facebook is the natural conversation platform of youngsters who without effort discuss almost all with Facebook friends. Lots of these individuals are not aware of the distinctions, privacy implications and the data preying business that just looks for easier ways to get it all.

Do we genuinely want all our interactions harmonized under the auspices of a commercial entity whose business model depends on 3rd party interests and is not directly linked to us? In order to attain our trust Facebook will have to grant us full control over our privacy settings and full visibility of their data collection, storage and usability.

A true user centered web is where services are created around the user, the individual, and for you and me, opening up the siloed gardens of companies that aim to keep you captive in a comforting bear hug. The future lies in real user side services. A user centered approach that treats my data as my asset to keep and proactively manage in a pull based model.

Our personal data is a valuable currency and should be managed by user side database banks that are directly just as committed to us and regulated in the same manner traditional banks are.

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