ORLANDO, Fla. — Keeping up with shopper tendencies and the breakneck tempo of know-how is probably not straightforward however it’s essential to thrive, Phil Lempert informed 2018 Potato Expo attendees.

Lempert, often known as the Supermarket Guru, coated his record of prime 10 food business developments of 2018 in Jan. 10 quick-shifting speak on the Potato Expo’s first day.

“Consumers needs have changed and evolved and the retail landscape is changing dramatically,” Lempert stated. “Smaller supermarkets, more fresh supermarkets — we are seeing all kinds of retail environments that are changing the potato world.”

Lempert stated the ten tendencies are:

  • Mindfulness: More shoppers are wanting for assurance of transparency, local origin and nice style once they purchase food. Consumers need manufacturers that assist remedy issues. “We are moving away from saying that 40% of food is wasted to, ‘What can we do about it?’”
  • Tactile senses: Engaging all of the senses is a scorching development in food advertising. “We are seeing more than ever before at retail and food companies, that they are creating an environment with all five senses — taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing,” he stated.
  • NeuroNutrition or “biohacking:” Consumers are taking a look at specific well being advantages of food they eat, and “free from” designations have elevated dramatically.
  • “Food is the number-one cause of preventable death in the U.S., and what we eat does affect how we live, how long we live and how well we live,” he stated.
  • Advertising: Peer opinions carry rather more weight that on-line or print promoting, he stated.
  • Technology and food: Within a number of years tens of millions of shoppers may have fridges and different units of their residence related to the Internet, making on-line buying and replenishments of food and non-food items simpler than ever.
  • Farming: Climate change will deliver huge challenges to growers. Hydroponic and vertical farming is a development that continues to speed up.
  • Food safety: Hyper-local manufacturing of food might scale back food miles and achieve in attraction.
  • Politics and food: The farm invoice might grow to be contentious in 2018, with much less unity amongst Republicans and Democrats on vitamin packages.
  • Future supermarkets: Tesco in South Korea created digital supermarkets in subway stations to assist time-pressed consumers. Fresh popularity can maintain brick and mortar shops.

Lempert urged attendees to look for developments outdoors the business.

“(Look) for three things about consumers that you don’t know that you would like to know — and then go and find out,” he stated.

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