How can our company help your business?

Easy, our review system helps your business have quality control. Every employee will now be held accountable. This will make your revenue go up dramatically.

When you sign up for our services we send you business cards with a QR Code for your customers to scan with their phone. They are asked for their name, email, and the employee’s name.(Such as a restaurant server or a plumber that was sent to your house etc.) Rate the experience from 1 to 5 stars and comment.
We collect every review for you and send them to you every month good and bad reviews. You now will know exactly who are your best employee’s and your worst employees. Also, maybe they will comment about the food or anything. You will now know what to do to fix any problems and make your business more money.
Your employees will now have to be on their best behavior 100% of the time because they could be getting reviewed and you will find out asap if they did not represent your business to your standards.
Here is the most valuable part. If a customer gives you a rotten review because they are mad or the competition puts phony bad reviews on Yelp and Google your business can be in very big trouble. 87% of people trust reviews. But, people are lazy and will not realize that the review on the in-house review card has a filter and does not go to Yelp, Google, Facebook, Twitter. We will see it, but the public won’t.
Our system does have many great features and one of them is when a customer gives your business 5 stars, social media buttons pop up for them to click and the 5 star review share on their social pages for everyone to see their comments and a 5 star review of your business. (That could be hundreds or thousands of local customers seeing their 5 star review from their friend or family member.)


How does our company filter business reviews so only great reviews are published online?

We use a proprietary review system. Business Partner NYC creates a website for you. The review system is installed.
When a customer leaves a review less than 4 stars, the system will not post the review. Instead, the review will be held for you to look at it so you can deal with the problem that caused the lower star review rating. Our system will have the customer’s name and email. If you like you can give someone with a bad experience a coupon or something to make it up to them so they do not bad mouth your business to everyone costing you money.


 How else can your review system help my business?

If you’re the owner of the business and you are normally at the business location to watch and make sure quality control stays high. That’s great! But, when you leave for vacations or leave for any reason are you hesitant because you don’t want your employees to slack off? Your problems are solved! By using are service, are in-house scan cards are monitoring your entire businesses quality. That is priceless…… Your business will now have a higher quality than ever before which means more buzz about your business and more money.


 More ways we help your business:

Are system will be collecting your customers name and email that leaves a review. You now have a very valuable customer list to email promotions any time you want.