by Jerika L.H

A former UCD Davis professor is in scorching water after screenshots of her questionable Yelp reviews have been made public. Professor June Chu, who  left Davis in May of 2016 to function the Dean of Yale’s Pierson College, has resigned after being referred to as underneath scrutiny for her on-line postings. Her Yelp reviews have been described as “offensive” and “elitist,” and spanned from recommending a restaurant to “white trash” to calling movie show staff  “barely educated morons.”

Chu earned a Master’s diploma and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from UC Davis, the place she additionally labored as a professor of psychology. Her doctoral analysis explored discrimination and variety in therapeutic settings. The cat was metaphorically let loose of the bag when Chu herself wrote a university-vast e mail to inform her college students that she had develop into a “Yelp Elite” member – an unique degree of Yelp membership reserved just for extensively lively reviewers. Several college students discovered her precise Yelp account on-line, and commenced to launch screenshots of her reviews on social media.

Many of Chu’s reviews have been criticized for what one Yale scholar described as “classist attitudes which present poor people, obese people, or those who live in New Haven as somehow below her and unworthy of her presence.”  In one publish, Chu critiques the physique of a health coach and calls out one other worker by identify, saying, “Seriously, I don’t care in the event you would lose your job. I’m positive McDonalds would rent you.”  Ironically, it’s Chu who’s now unemployed  over her quite a few aggressive feedback, in a single of which she complained concerning the rice in her burrito being cooked improperly. She said, “I am Asian, I know rice,” after which went on to confess that she threw the changed burrito away as a result of her brother spit in different individuals’s meals when he labored in eating places, so she figured the second burrito was contaminated.


Many commenters expressed discontent over Chu’s frequent statements that sure providers and meals is perhaps ok for white individuals, however aren’t ok for her. In one other occasion, she states that one restaurant is “perfect for those low class folks,” however not on her degree.

In different reviews, Chu liberally calls film goers, theater staff, and even different yelp reviewers “idiots,” as she rails on to say that snack stand staff wrestle so as to add $7 plus $7, and stating, “Be kind my ass.” Other reviews are equally hostile.

Ironically, Chu didn’t all the time obtain such nice reviews from her personal college students, as one scholar recalled her as being “very critical” and “unhappy.” Others, nevertheless, favored her educating type and one scholar praised her insights on the Asian American expertise.

This incident has revoked the longstanding argument of free speech on school campuses, as various commenters defended Chu – one stating, “If this is how she wants to express herself in her personal life, that’s her own business. As long as she does not bring that attitude into school, it’s her right.”

Chu issued an apology to college students and said that she has “learned a lot this semester about the power of words and about the accountability that we owe one another.”  Her resignation was lively instantly.

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