As a business, one should remember this quote: “think before you click”. Always keep in mind that whatever you post and comment reflects your business. A wrong move can taint a good business reputation. In extreme cases, it can even spread virally. To help avoid this, here are some tips to remember:

Have a company social media policy – If you have other people in your business, this is very important to avoid any kind of conflict in the future.
Think before you post – Whether it is just a simple comment or blog post, think about it carefully. Ask yourself, will people misunderstood my message or will I offend someone?
Think before you reply – Don’t start leaving bad replies in haste with the negative comments you receive. Instead, be mature. Keep calm and use the information in a positive way by seeing it as a means to improve.
Think before you fight – If someone picks a fight with your business, don’t do the same! Be disciplined and show that you are not affected by the wrong rumors your competitions spread. This will show that you are classy and has values that you uphold.
Actively seek and encourage positive feedback – You drown out the few negative comments by encouraging your customers to share their positive experiences and feedback on social media. You will also attract loyal followers who will help defend your brand especially in cases where there are bad issues by competitors surrounding your business.
Think before you delay – Did you know that most problems grow bigger when business owners do not reply promptly to a certain issue? Make the client feel that you care! As much as possible, try to resolve issues promptly. This will even turn the customer into being impressed by your promptness since you were able to show that you can handle tough situations.

Always remember that as a business owner, you have an image to maintain. You have an online reputation to take care of. These simple tips will not just aim to help you gain a good reputation but will also help avoid encountering problems in the future.

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