Online reputation management is an integral aspect of ecommerce because what people say about your business in the social media can determine its survival and profitability. It is your responsibility as the business owner therefore to ensure that social media is working to your advantage.


One thing that is absolutely important in online reputation management is the quality of content you post on your social networking sites. Great content gets people talking. When there is a buzz surrounding your product lots of people will want to read about it, and the more people read about it the more reviews it’ll generate. Only share newsworthy content through your social network pages because boring or meaningless postings will not generate many reviews for your products.


You have to monitor what is said about you on the social networks. If there are any adverse reviews about your product you should be careful in how you deal with them. Do not get aggressive or launch personal attacks against people who post negative reviews. Instead, ask yourself what lessons you can learn from those reviews. Respond promptly and reassure readers that you have noted their concerns and explain what you intend to do about them.


It is important that you optimize your social network accounts so that they rank highly on the search engine results. If you are on Facebook and Twitter, for example, you need to optimize those accounts so that each time someone searches for a keyword related to your business both pages will show up within the top ten results.


Another online reputation management strategy you can adopt in relation to social media is getting in touch with individuals who are well reputable in your area of business and having them post reviews about your products. This strategy will benefit you for two main reasons. First of all, because of their credentials, people will tend to trust their opinions about your products, and secondly, they are likely to have very large networks of followers who keep track of their reviews and so their reviews will be seen by a wider audience.


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