What Our Press Release Offers

Our press release service is the perfect platform to tell the world about your achievements quickly and affordably. With our kind of technology and reach we have, we can make sure your news is off the blocks in a flash!

Easy to Create

If you have never created a press release before, don’t get stressed. Our team of experienced PR professionals will walk you through the process expertly.

Make News Visible

Press releases drive broad discovery of your news message in search and social media, but that’s possible only if you get your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics right. We SEO all press releases to ensure that Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all leading search engines index and rank your press releases for relevant keyword by using strategies that comply with the latest SEO guidelines and algorithm demands.

Make an Impactful Presence

We can show how to create unique and track-able URLs that direct readers to relevant and related content. Readers will find your news effortlessly.

Generate a Buzz with Multimedia

We can improve the impact of your press release content exponentially by using videos, images, graphics, and podcasts. Take the level of interaction with your audience to a different level by including multimedia in your communications.

Reach Your Audience

When you are sure of guaranteed inclusion of your news release on 500+news sites, why look elsewhere? We make sure your news reaches leading international and national news websites, top regional and local news portals, leading radio stations and TV channels websites, trade and industry-specific news channels, online news blogs, and other sites relevant to your industry.

Top Media Professionals Will Vie for Your News Release

As one of the leading press release distribution services, top journalists and bloggers keep an eye on our site to track news relevant to their subject and specialization. We make sure your release gets picked by leading journalists and news bloggers.

Appear on Every Possible News Resource

When you choose our service, you can rest assured that your news release will be on its way to key online news channels within no time. Find your news on relevant local, regional, national, and international news websites and also on websites of top radio stations and TV channels covering your industry.

Updated Processes that Comply to Regulations

Our press release experts keep an ear to the ground to track the latest algorithm changes and move swiftly to incorporate them in our processes. With our service, you run zero risk of getting de-indexed or being pulled up for spamming.

Take Your News to the Most Happening Places Online

Social media is a great place to share your news with the right audience, but done prudently in a way that can effectively educate your target market. Your news will be tweeted on 150+ news-related Twitter accounts with a combined base of 350,000+ Twitter followers and shared on 150+ Facebook pages with a combined like base of 50,000+ Facebook users.

Get the Widest Possible Coverage

No one can get your news wider publicity than our sources. Your press releases are published on leading news websites, blogs, and social media sites that will increase your brand’s/ company’s visibility and reputation online exceptionally.