Reputation Management

Reputation management is very important. People are social creatures, and we share our experiences with others, whether good or bad. When someone comments online about your business, their experience is now available for the whole world to read.
Once it is up there, it can stay online forever – accessible 24/7. And if it is posted on a high traffic site like Yelp or Google +, then that review has the potential to appear more often in search results than your actual website! Frightening, right?
Reputation management is simply you monitoring and controlling your online presence, and there are several ways you can protect your company’s brand on the Internet.
Your online reputation is everything. Often times, people have searched for reviews on your business before they’ve ever set foot in your door. Positive reviews are great, but negative comments can be damaging to your small business.

Who on Earth Would Want to Hurt MY Business?

It is unlikely that folks get on the Internet for the sole purpose of ruining your good name (though it has happened, just ask big corporations like Wal-Mart or PayPal). In general, an unhappy customer or client posts their dissatisfied review online, not as a means to harm you directly, but just to warn others about the experience they had.
Their experience could stem from any number of reasons. Maybe they didn’t understand a certain process, didn’t read the fine print, or were simply not able to use what they purchased. Whatever their reason, it is your job as the business owner to address their concerns and keep your reputation in check.

What You Can Do About It

Reputation management works in three ways to maintain or improve a business’s image:
– Remove bad listings, comments, and posts
– Increase positive listings, comments, and posts
– Monitor the Internet to keep track of what others are saying about your small business

Negativity can be removed (in most cases) if people are insulting, rude, inaccurate, or flat out slanderous about your business. Contacting the site owner and asking them to remove the comment or post is the easiest way to go about getting it removed. If they refuse, the next step would be to contact the hosting provider. With social media and review sites, there is the option to “flag as inappropriate” or “report spam.”
Now that you know how to remove the negative, how do you get more positive reviews? The answer is simply ASK.
Ask your patrons or clients to leave a review if they had a positive experience. When people are pleased with your service, they won’t mind leaving a review to say so. The more people you actually ask, the more likely you are to get reviews. When you have a lot of positive reviews online, the bad reviews lose their significance.
Still on the fence or not being proactive about your online reputation? Now is the time to pay attention. Unattended negative listings online could be hurting your business.


Now that you know what reputation management is; what are you doing to manage your online reputation? Most small businesses are not proactive enough. The big part of maintaining your online presence is keeping up with what other folks have to say about your business. Remember, your reputation can make or break you on the Internet.

Let’s look at it this way… You and a competitor provide the same (or similar) services in your area, but their Google + listing has several glowing reviews while your Google + listing only has one positive review and that one guy who says he had the worst experience of his life at your business. Which business do you think that searcher is going to choose?

You can start to protect your reputation by taking a few small steps.

Find out What’s Being Said
You’re probably not a search engine guru, but these tips can get you on the path quickly. One way to check your online reputation is to type in your business name plus some pretty negative words like:
 Stinks
 Terrible
 Scam
 Lousy
 Jerks
 Rip-off
 Sucks

You catch the drift…

Remove Negative Listings
Now that you know where these negative reviews are, the next course of action is to see about getting them removed. If the comments are downright untrue, try contacting the site owner and ask them to take the negative comments down.
Tell the site owner that these negative and untrue comments are detrimental to your business. Most owners will remove the content. But if you run into someone who is non-responsive or ignores you altogether, you can always come back with legal action.

Post Positive Listings
You’re no doubt familiar with the phrase, “kill ‘em with kindness?” The same rule applies here as well. The best counter to negative reviews is positive ones. With enough positive reviews, people tend to glaze over any negative reviews. How often have you seen product reviews while shopping, where 90% of folks give it a 5-star rating, but there are 3 1-star reviews as well. You get the feeling that the 1-star reviews are impossible to please.
The fastest way to build an arsenal of positive reviews is to ask your customers for them. Provide the URL to your Yelp or Google + listing so they don’t have to search for you. Put this information everywhere! On menus, receipts, and any other printed material that you hand to your customers as they are leaving. Sometimes all they need is a little push to leave that glowing review. Be careful doing this on your own. Without expert help.As easy as it is to help your business, you can destroy it fast. Business Partner NYC  has special systems in place to only help your business and never harm it.

Be Accessible
Now you know the how and where when it comes to finding your online listings. Here’s where the maintenance part comes in. When you find that something is said about your business online, do what you can to respond in a timely manner. Thank people for their good reviews, and put on your most diplomatic face for responding to negative reviews.
Reputation management online is much more important than most businesses realize. They don’t know how just a few bad apples can hurt their profits. Be proactive and take charge of your online reputation and you can keep it spotless.


It’s pretty upsetting when you Google your business and a negative listing appears on the first page of search results. So what can you do if your online reputation is being dragged through the mud? Here are some sure fire ways to pick your business up, dust it off, and move forward.

Removing Bad Listings
Whenever possible, the first step should ALWAYS be to get the bad comment or negative post removed. If you have to defend your position to the website owner, be sure to let them know that negative review is damaging your reputation. And if that negative remark is totally slanderous and inaccurate, then you have the law on your side. Politely ask them to take it down and if they refuse, threaten legal action.

Responding on Social Media
Sometimes, things on social media sites should be taken with a grain of salt. Places like Yelp, Facebook, and Twitter are filled with user generated content, meaning that people can say whatever they want about your business and the site itself is not responsible. It also means that unless they are breaking the law, there’s no way to have their comment removed.
While it’s easy to ignore the comments that are filled with spelling and grammatical errors, it’s wise to respond to the legitimate ones, be it angrily bashing your service or providing constructive criticism.
By responding to the comments in a positive way, other people who see the listing will know that your business is doing everything it can to provide quality customer service. No one is perfect, and no one expects your business to be perfect either. But people do appreciate when you make the effort.
In this tech age, it is crucial that your business is doing some form of online reputation management. Just take some time every week or so to find out what others are saying about you, and do what you can to stay ahead of them before it escalates.
Don’t forget, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Nearly 1/3 of mobile searches are for local businesses. When over 90% of adults in the USA alone own cellphones, one third is a staggering number of local searches. Your customers are more dependent on smartphones for directions, communication, and finding local businesses than they’ve ever been.
Are you doing what you can to reach them?
QR codes in your business and on your printed materials are a great time saver for your customers. The ability to scan these codes with your smartphone makes everything faster and easier for your customers, and mobile users don’t have time to wait.

Searching for Product Info
When 1/3 of mobile searches are for local businesses, it makes sense to make it easier for your customers to find the information they’re looking for. That’s where QR codes can be helpful. As simple as point and click with any smartphone, people can be pointed in any direction you’d like – a video, a coupon, a mailing list, your Facebook fan page, or more info on a particular product.
If people are spending that much time on their phones, it makes sense that your business is easily accessible to them there as well.

Joining the Club
Many people are willing to give you their email address or mobile number if it means you’ll be sending out exclusive offers that will save them money. While efforts are made to make signing up for such lists easier, it’s still cumbersome to type too much info on a mobile touchscreen. Using QR codes can significantly lessen the amount of typing, which is one less barrier between you and growing your subscriber list.

Unlimited Possibilities
There’s really no limit to what can be accomplished through the use of QR codes. Think about how much easier it would be for customers and clients to leave a review if all they had to do was scan a QR code and rate their experience.
Just imagine, at the register, while you’re ringing them up, they can scan a QR code, leave a review, and receive a coupon instantly for their next visit. Not only did you gain a loyal customer, but you’ve also got a great new review for the world to see. This flexibility is why QR codes are so wonderful for businesses.

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